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Why bother installing a pond ?

Why bother installing a pond ?

Throughout the ages, all civilisations have been fascinated by water.  It is everpresent in the gardens of castles, and in all places where man has recreated a piece of nature.

Whereas before this was difficult to achieve due to the technical and financial means necessary, nowadays anyone can create a source of water.  Specialized shops and garden centres now carry a wide range of products at reasonable prices.

The dream of having a pond is now within every gardener's reach.

Both decorative and reposing, the pond will allow you to master the art of growing new plants like the water iris, reeds and water lilies.  If the pond is big enough, you can even consider looking after certain types of fish.

Just picture yourself stretched out on a deckchair, listening to the sound of a little cascade, or of water rippling over the rocks.

Do you need more convincing ???


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