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Xeriscaping: The Benefits and How To

Xeriscape is a common landscaping technique that uses water-efficient plants. Instead of using grasses that require heavy watering, xeriscaping uses mulches and plants that require low watering.
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Why bother installing a pond ?

Throughout the ages, all civilisations have been fascinated by water. It is everpresent in the gardens of castles, and in all places where man has recreated a piece of nature.
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Swimming Pool

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Water Garden

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The Basin Filter

The installation of an organic or mechanical filtering system is necessary if you wish to have crystal-clear water in your garden basin all year round. Choose the system bearing in mind the size of the basin and its use - a water source, a fish pond, etc..
modifié le 16/11/2009

Taking Cuttings In Water

Taking cuttings in water is a simple technique to multiply your plants but it doesn't work for all plants. It is best to choose the end of the stem which has no flowers, then cut it under a knot as that is where the new roots will sprout.
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Advice on efficient watering

Watering is necessary during the hot season. But as water has become expensive and rare, it must therefore be used effficiently and economically.
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Let's Garden, gardening tips

Useful tips on growing plants, keeping up gardens, vegetable gardens, orchards and ponds, as well as a works calendar and many services.
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