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The Bonsaï : Watering is (almost) everything !

As water is the main food of the bonsaï, the beauty and health of the plant depends on the quality of watering.
modifié le 21/09/2009

The Bonsaï : a long history

The art of Bonsaï first appeared in Egypt 4,000 years ago, before being developed in China, and then codified in Japan. This art which crossed the planet only came to Europe as late as 1878.
modifié le 21/09/2009

Bonsaï : a question of know-how !

Passionate bonsaï-growers confirm that growing a tree in a pot demands nimble fingers and constant attention ! Naturally fragile, these miniature trees sculpted by hand need professsional attention if they are to survive !
modifié le 21/09/2009

The Branch Cutter

The branch cutter is an indispensable garden tool for cutting branches which are too hard or too big for a secateurs to cut. Many different models exist.
modifié le 08/06/2009

Planting a Rose Tree

Roses in containers can be planted almost all year round. However, the best time to plant rose trees with roots exposed is in Autumn.
modifié le 30/03/2009

Planting a Tree in Your garden

lanting a tree teaches us about the rhythm of nature : the rhythm of the seasons with the blossoming, the colours of Autumn, the falling of the leaves ; the rhythm of the years, as it takes its time to establish itself, the amount of roots growing underground almost as numerous as the branches in the air. That is to say that a lot of energy is needed in the process !
modifié le 30/03/2009

How to Recognize Pines and Spruces?

How to Recognize Pines and Spruces?
modifié le 02/02/2009

Tree Bark

Tree bark is composed of waterproof cells which protect the interior from temperature variations, diseases, animals and insects. This outside layer is more or less thick depending on the age and species of the tree.
modifié le 26/11/2008

Let's Garden, gardening tips

Useful tips on growing plants, keeping up gardens, vegetable gardens, orchards and ponds, as well as a works calendar and many services.
modifié le 27/10/2008

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