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15 Questions About the Lawn (Part 3)

How can we stop a lawn from yellowing ? Yellowing is often due to the result of bad maintenance (lack of water or fertilizer, cutting too short, walking too much on it, etc..). The stolon, a vital part of the lawn grass, is damaged or suffering.
modifié le 08/06/2009

15 Questions About the Lawn (Part 2)

How can the damage caused by molehills and earthworms be repaired ? The mounds of earth destroy the beauty of the lawn and gardeners are always looking for a magic solution to keep moles away. At present, pyrotechnical traps seem to be the best solution.
modifié le 08/06/2009

15 Questions About the Lawn (Part 1)

84.5% of the 14,168,000 French gardens have a lawn, which means there are 11,972,000 lawns with an average area of 564m2 in main residences and 1,118m2 in secondary residences, that is, a surface of around 639,000 hectares. But for the ordinary French gardener, the lawn is still just “grass” – it is not considered as a plant apart.
modifié le 08/06/2009

How to have a successful your tulip garden?

A garden without tulips is not a real Spring garden ! Tulips, because of their great diversity of colours and forms, look well in any type of garden.
modifié le 26/01/2009

Taking Cuttings In Water

Taking cuttings in water is a simple technique to multiply your plants but it doesn't work for all plants. It is best to choose the end of the stem which has no flowers, then cut it under a knot as that is where the new roots will sprout.
modifié le 04/01/2009

Advice on efficient watering

Watering is necessary during the hot season. But as water has become expensive and rare, it must therefore be used effficiently and economically.
modifié le 14/11/2008

Let's Garden, gardening tips

Useful tips on growing plants, keeping up gardens, vegetable gardens, orchards and ponds, as well as a works calendar and many services.
modifié le 27/10/2008

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