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Create an Urban Garden with Spring Bulbs

Get rid of the last reminders of winter with spring bulbs on your terrace or balcony. The choice is getting bigger every year, which allows you to plant all sorts of different forms and colours !
modifié le 04/11/2009

What is a bulb ?

A bulb is an underground vegetal organ made up of a bud surrounded by close-knit fleshy leaves. These leaves are filled with nutritive ressources which allow the plant to regenerate its aerial parts every year.
modifié le 30/03/2009

How to have a successful your tulip garden?

A garden without tulips is not a real Spring garden ! Tulips, because of their great diversity of colours and forms, look well in any type of garden.
modifié le 26/01/2009

The Bulb

The bulb is an underground plant-like organ formed by a bud and surrounded by closely-knit, fleshy leaves. These leaves are filled with nutritive reserves which allow it to reform its visible side every year.
modifié le 26/11/2008

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