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Pruning Rosetrees

March is the best month to prune rosebushes. Leave 5 to 7 branches well spread out around the trunk. Favour young shoots and ventilate the centre of the rosebush by cutting the oldest branches.
modifié le 08/06/2009

Planting a Rose Tree

Roses in containers can be planted almost all year round. However, the best time to plant rose trees with roots exposed is in Autumn.
modifié le 30/03/2009

Modern Roses

In Lyon, in 1867, rosebreeder Jean-Baptiste Guillot, created the first contemporary rose wich we find in our gardens today. It was a climbing hybrid, produced from the hybridization of old roses (tea roses) and Chinese roses (climbing hybrids). It was naturally called "France". This was a landmark in the history of rose-growing. Before this date, roses are called "ancient" in France, and after this date they are considered "modern".
modifié le 26/01/2009

Famous French rose growers

The history of the rose is is honored by famous names, fanatical rosegrowers and enlightened specialists who laboured all their lives to develop new varieties which adorn our avenues.
modifié le 04/01/2009

History of the rose and the rosebush - Part Two

The arrival of rosebushes from China and Japan in 1700 completely changed rose-growing in France. In just a few years the number of different varieties increased significantly, much to the delight of European gardeners who were enthralled by the rose's sublime aroma.
modifié le 30/11/2008

History of the rose and the rosebush. Part One

In the Northern Hemisphere the story of the rose goes back to the beginning of time. Queen of the garden and rightly so, the rose is a jewel which gardeners have patiently shaped from generation to generation.
modifié le 26/11/2008

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