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The term "messicole" refers to annual or hardy plants often present in crops. Etymologically, the word defines plants which colonize the crop harvest. Some are considered as weeds by agronomic scientists as they are likely to have a negative effect on the precious cereal output. Various treatments and the use of herbicides have been used to the point that certain species may dissappear, thereby negatively affecting biodiversity.
modifié le 18/02/2012

Floating plants

If floating plants get comfortable in your pond, they will end up by taking it over ! You should therefore keep an eye on their progress and avoid planting certain species, like duckweed which, without the presence of fish, will deprive underwater plants of light necessary for their development.
modifié le 17/02/2010

Plants with floating leaves

Plants said to have "floating leaves" have leaves which are posed on the surface of the water and are linked by stems to the roots, which are planted at the bottom of the pond or pool.
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Phytoremediation is the use of aquatic plants as depollution agents to counter the damaging effects of human activity on the ecology.
modifié le 02/05/2009

Plants Under a Hot Sun

Even with watering, most plants have difficulty compensating their perspiration with the intake of water by their roots in very hot weather.
modifié le 02/02/2009

Buy your plants at the best moment

Although you may be tempted to buy your end of March pelargoniums or your Spring bulbs in the January sales, you should ask yourself if this is the right time to buy.
modifié le 26/01/2009

Wild garden plants

You may have noticed that more and more parks and gardens have wild plants growing in parts of their lawns. This is not due to negligence!
modifié le 26/01/2009

Classification of plants

The scientific names for plants and animals comprise a name describing their type and start with a capital letter, followed by the name of the species in lower case letters, all written in italics. The species groups together all individuals capable of reproducing among themselves.
modifié le 26/01/2009

Parasites of Indoor Plants

These are small red spiders which invade plants, often beneath the leaves. They weave fine webs between the stems of the plant and if you look closely you will see...
modifié le 04/01/2009

Efficient Protection of Exotic Plants in Winter

Its hard to resist having an exotic plant in your garden, but when you live in a cold region, action must be taken to protect it in Winter.
modifié le 08/12/2008

Let's Garden, gardening tips

Useful tips on growing plants, keeping up gardens, vegetable gardens, orchards and ponds, as well as a works calendar and many services.
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