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Planting a Rose Tree

Roses in containers can be planted almost all year round. However, the best time to plant rose trees with roots exposed is in Autumn.
modifié le 30/03/2009

Planting Summer Bulbs

Whether in pots, in window boxes or in the ground, Summer bulbs bring a nice fresh touch to your garden. As they don't appreciate the Winter cold, their fleeting beauty must be protected.
modifié le 30/03/2009

Planting a Tree in Your garden

lanting a tree teaches us about the rhythm of nature : the rhythm of the seasons with the blossoming, the colours of Autumn, the falling of the leaves ; the rhythm of the years, as it takes its time to establish itself, the amount of roots growing underground almost as numerous as the branches in the air. That is to say that a lot of energy is needed in the process !
modifié le 30/03/2009

The Bulb

The bulb is an underground plant-like organ formed by a bud and surrounded by closely-knit, fleshy leaves. These leaves are filled with nutritive reserves which allow it to reform its visible side every year.
modifié le 26/11/2008

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