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The Preformed Basin

If you want a water source in your garden, the most practical thing to do is to install a preformed basin. These exist in all shapes and sizes, and come with or without a cascade or a fountain, depending on whether you want a natural basin or a more sophisticated one.
modifié le 15/11/2009

The Natural Pool

Also known as a bathing pond, the natural pool is becoming more and more popular in the garden, not just for its ecological advantages, but also for its pleasant aspect.
modifié le 04/11/2009

The Different Types of Swimming Pool

The techniques used and the models available in the private pool market are extremely varied depending on budget, on space available, on access to the pool, etc...
modifié le 04/11/2009

Feather juice

Put your poultry feathers in a bucket filled with rainwater or distilled water. Sink the feathers to the bottom of the bucket using a wire mesh with a stone on top, for example.
modifié le 30/03/2009

The Truffle

The Truffle is a mythical mushroom. Extremely rare in its natural form, truffle growers have managed to breed them, much to the delight of epicures.
modifié le 26/01/2009

Parasites of Indoor Plants

These are small red spiders which invade plants, often beneath the leaves. They weave fine webs between the stems of the plant and if you look closely you will see...
modifié le 04/01/2009

The Gardener's Little Helpers

Sweet little creatures... For professional greenhouse growers but also for amateurs with a veranda or greenhouse, there now exists an alternative to chemical products.
modifié le 14/11/2008

Compost 'tea'

Some composters are equipped with a system which recuperates compost 'tea'- this is the juice produced by composting which is rich in organic material and can be used to water indoor and outdoor plants.
modifié le 14/11/2008

A good composting

The ingredients needed for a good breakdown of your compost are the following:heat, which allows a good development of bacteriae , humidity. If the compost heap dries out in hot weather, add water, etc.
modifié le 30/10/2008

Compost or composting

A good way of fertilizing your vegetable patch or ornamental garden is to make a compost in a part of the garden. Compost provides the humus necessary for microbe development and the fertilizers needed for the proper growth of your plants.
modifié le 07/10/2008

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