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The earwig

The forficula commonly known as the earwig is found in most gardens. It is inoffensive and is helpful to the gardener as it feeds on ravaging insects like greenflies.
modifié le 26/01/2010

The toad, a batrachian useful in the garden

Slowly, but surely, spring is coming, and some think it has already arrived. After 3 or 4 months of hibernation, the temperature, the humidity, and the light awaken the "ugly monster" from its winter sleep.
modifié le 20/01/2010

The earthworm, the gardener's ally

The earthworm, a branch of annalid from the Lumbricidae family, is a tireless worker and plays a major role in the biology of your soil.
modifié le 14/12/2009

The Billhook, a useful tool for the gardener

Since cutting instruments have become more and more efficient, the billhook is considered a 'damaging" instrument for cutting purposes. Nonetheles, this tool does the job very well, and properly handled, can be used on its own for clipping bushes and cutting hedges at head height.
modifié le 04/11/2009

Thermic Weeding

For the gardener, weeding never seems to end. The easy solution is to resort to chemical weed-killer which is ecologically damaging. However, more and more people are turning to thermic weeding which is more environmentally friendly.
modifié le 26/11/2008

The Gardener's Little Helpers

Sweet little creatures... For professional greenhouse growers but also for amateurs with a veranda or greenhouse, there now exists an alternative to chemical products.
modifié le 14/11/2008

The earthworm, the gardener's assistant

The common earthworm (a member of the ringed worm family, the Lumbricidae) is a hard worker and plays an essential part in the biology of the soil.
modifié le 30/10/2008

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