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The forest on the island of Reunion

The primary forest on the island of Reunion is remarkable from every point of view. In its bosom there is an exceptional concentration of biodiversity and tropical forest ecosystems.
modifié le 25/04/2010

The wet forests of Martinique

The wet forests form the heart of the vegetation of the island of Martinique. They are composed of very humid forest species (hydrophile forest) and moderately humid species (mesophile forest).
modifié le 24/04/2010

The dry forests of Martinique

The dry forests of Martinique are found on the south and east of the island, and also in the north near the windy coastlines. This is where the numerous species of trees and lianas which symbolize the island proliferate.
modifié le 24/04/2010

Forests, wells of carbon

The Earth's forests contain great stores of carbon. The procedure of these carbon wells is natural. It is based on the basic mechanism of photosynthesis. This mechanism is a basic organic biochemical reaction.
modifié le 26/11/2008

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