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The Natural Pool

Also known as a bathing pond, the natural pool is becoming more and more popular in the garden, not just for its ecological advantages, but also for its pleasant aspect.
modifié le 04/11/2009


Many chemical products with well defined functions come under the general heading of pesticides. Weedkillers, insecticides, fungicides, and so on.... Let’s have a quick look at whats around !
modifié le 04/11/2009

Wood Quality Labels

Although it is recognized that the forest is Humanity's most important asset, our management of forests doesn't always acknowledge this reality. Quality labels, more or less strict, have thus been created to responsibilize consumers. Lets have a look at the existing labels.
modifié le 04/11/2009

The “Guerilu”

The "Guerilu" is an ecolological digging fork. It can dig the soil without turning it over, thus respecting microbiotic life.
modifié le 08/06/2009


Phytoremediation is the use of aquatic plants as depollution agents to counter the damaging effects of human activity on the ecology.
modifié le 02/05/2009

Home worm-growing

This is an easy, fun and educational way to compost and improve the soil of your banks and vegetable gardens, and to maintain a beautiful lawn...
modifié le 08/12/2008

Forests, wells of carbon

The Earth's forests contain great stores of carbon. The procedure of these carbon wells is natural. It is based on the basic mechanism of photosynthesis. This mechanism is a basic organic biochemical reaction.
modifié le 26/11/2008

Some insecticide recipes

Some insecticide recipes as Black soap with linseed oil, Nettle leaves, Fern, Tanasia flowers and leaves, Rhubarb leaves, etc.
modifié le 26/11/2008

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