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Planting a Rose Tree

When to plant a rose tree ?

Roses in containers can be planted almost all year round.  However, the best time to plant rose trees with roots exposed is in Autumn.

Frosty periods should be avoided in any case.

How to plant a rose tree ?

Planting a Rose TreeDig a hole at least one and a half times wider than the clod or the roots to be planted.   Leave the clod plenty of space.  The roots need loose soil around them to develop properly.

If the roots are exposed, shorten them and coat them with a fertilizer. Spread the roots throughout the hole.  Put well-decomposed dung at the bottom of the hole and place the rose tree in the centre with the graft point at the level of the soil.  

Fill the hole in with soil from the garden (rose trees like heavy soil so it isn't necessary to add compost). Put the plant in loose soil which can penetrate easily between the roots.  Pack the soil down well to bring it into contact with the roots. 

Water heavily after planting and water the plant well,  especially in dry periods.

How to plant a rambling rose tree ?

Place your rose tree about 20cms. from its stake and place the roots at the opposite side of the stake.


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