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Summer Bulbs

Colourful summer bulbs bring cheer, brighten gardens, balconies, interiors...

Summer BulbsIn summer, the colours of flowering bulbs are in their element, offering fantastic mixtures indoors and outdoors, creating a colourful, sweet-scented atmosphere.  Summer flowering bulbs enrich everyday life with their natural and charming colours.

Lilies and gladiolae go very well with smaller species like arums, creating a beautiful blend of colours.

Summer bulb flowers tend to have bright colours, the main one being the luminous, warm yellow of the gladiola, the amemone, lily, the buttercup, or even the arum for example.  Begonias and gladiolae make lovely round pots or suberb window boxes.

They are a soucre of inspiration indoors and outdoors, a perfect illustration of everyday nature.  Indoors, or even on balconies and terraces, especially in urban areas, summer flowering bulbs go very well with traditional materials, producing a unexpected and natural sight...which more and more sought after !

Summer flowering bulbs are unique and evoke nature, offering all its advantages  : take time off to garden and to watch these wonders of nature grow and flower, or  wander off into your gadern, house or on a terrace....the main thing is to do what pleases you...summer bulbs fascinate, embellish and light up every moment and give a wake-up call to nature from the month of May onwards.

Some growing advice...

The soil
Every soil, except very wet soil, is suitable for planting bulbs.  But for the best growing conditions, it is advised to use a well drained soil with a good exposure to sunlight.  Heat and drainage are important elements for a good flowering.

Exposure of summer bulbs
The more they are exposed to sunlight, the better they will  flourish and flower, though a little shade is acceptable.

The depthn of planting depends on the type of bulb, but generally the bulb should be buried at a depth of twice that of its height.  Dahlias and gladiolae, for example, should be planted at a depth of around 10 cms.. There are of course some exceptions to this rule, like the begonia, which should be covered with 1 to 2 cms. of soil.  The lily, however, should be covered with at least 15 cms..

Leave 10 to 15 cms. between each bulb, and at leasrt 40 cms. for dahlias.

Some precautions to be taken...
As summer bulbs are sensitive to the cold, it is best to plant them in spring to avoid night frost.  Preserve them in a dry place away from the cold so that they can be replanted the following spring. 
The lily, the poppy anemone, the canna, the crocosmia and even the roscoea can be left in the ground during the frosty period, providing that they have been well mulched.

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